Event venue managers warned of enquiry scams

Now the economy is picking up, so too is the events industry. Struggling venues are rushing to snap up business, but in their haste, they could be exposing themselves to scams.Event management venue email scam An event venue website has warned its clients about the increasing incidence of event venue enquiry scams, and has even gone as far as to post the scam enquiry emails on their website.


CYV.com, which lists thousands of different event venues, tracked the frequency of event venue enquiry scams. In one weekend, it found 1,400 event venue enquiry scam emails. There are two main types of event enquiry scams, phishing and false cheques.


Both scams involve the event venue manager being tricked into believing that the event enquiries are genuine. Phishing scams are where the event venue gives out financial details, personal information or the venue’s security details by mistaking the fraudster for a genuine enquirer. The fraudster may act as an event production or management company, or even a bank, in an attempt to obtain these details.


Fake cheque scams are where the fraudster sends you a fake cheque as payment for the use of the venue. Your bank might not immediately process the cheque, or realise it’s a fake. The fraudster will swiftly request a partial or complete refund – which you’ll process before it emerges that the cheque is a fake.


CYV has posted examples of several of the scam enquiries that they’ve seen. Spelling mistakes, odd wording, brevity, and an unprofessional email manner all point towards fraudulent venue enquiries. Check for an email address that matches the addresses given on the website of the company they’re claiming to hail from.


R&B Group is a trusted event production company. If you’ve received an email from someone claiming to work for us, check out our contact details page to see if the phone numbers match, or give us a call to double check the credibility of a venue enquiry.