Divergent premiere event takes over Leicester Square

DivergentRecent sci-fi blockbuster Divergent has received a wealth of publicity due to the famous faces that make up its cast, but event organisers clearly wanted to give fans and press even more to talk about at the London premiere in Leicester Square. While premiere events taking place in the Odeon cinema usually include a red carpet and a poster or two, the publicity team behind Divergent went all out, visually transforming the red carpet location into the film’s dystopian cityscape.


Fans who attended the event were invited to take part in ‘initiation tests’ and ‘dauntless training,’ giving them a taste of what Divergent’s fictional protagonist Tris Prior goes through in the film. Organisers promoted the experiential event on the film’s official UK Facebook page to encourage more fans to attend the premiere, take part in the special event and promote the premiere even more. Fans were also given the opportunity to meet and chat with the stars of the film on the red carpet, further increasing excitement about the film’s release.


While premieres are often a chance for all those involved to celebrate the film and their efforts to make it a success, the event was taken to another level in order to increase UK interest in Divergent and promote its April release. If you’re organising an event as a chance to promote a product or service of your own, you’ll want to ensure it relates to your brand both clearly and directly. If you’re in need of some help to bring your ideas to life or source the equipment you need to execute your event, get in touch with the team at R&B Group for more information on the event production services we can provide.