London’s largest events venue still preferred choice

When planning an event, finding a venue that is suitable in both style and size should be one of your top priorities. You need to find a venue that will provide you with the space you need to entertain your guests and set up the necessary equipment, while also being situated in a suitably convenient location and looking the part. These are just some of the reasons why Central Hall Westminster is the most popular events venue in London.


The largest conference and events venue in London, Central Hall Westminster was built in 1912 and has since hosted events for both Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. Located just opposite Westminster Abbey and not too far from the Houses of Parliament, the venue has remained popular over the years by consistently embracing modern technology. Not only is it in a prime location and boasts 22 various rooms ideal for any sized conference, but the venue is also able to support the modern equipment you are likely to need during an event.


While some of the rooms on the ground floor are currently undergoing refurbishment to make further improvements, the Hall is continuing to grow in popularity, with names such as Gary Barlow choosing to host his personal events there, the Chinese market choosing the Hall as their preferred venue, and of course, The Methodists Church for whom we have worked for many years, using their own facilities for their annual Conference over two weeks last summer.


If you’re struggling to find an ideal venue for your event which remains within your budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the R&B Group. We can help to turn any space into the perfect venue for your event and can provide you with any equipment and creative direction you might be lacking. Explore our website for further information or telephone a member of the team today.