Event equipment hire checklist

Event Hire EquipmentAt a certain stage in the event production process you’ll have developed a clear idea of the type of event you’re intending to organise, which venue it’ll be held in and when it will take place. Now comes the time for you to determine what equipment you’ll need to use to put your plans into action. The event equipment you might require will vary significantly depending on the scale and nature of your event, but a general checklist can give you a clear idea of the various aspects you’ll need to think about.


Who’s in charge of organising the equipment?

If you’re working with an event production company such as the R&B Group, they’ll work with you to determine what equipment you’ll need. They’ll probably have the majority of this equipment in-house and available to hire, but pieces of equipment that are more specific to your event might have to be sourced from elsewhere. If you’re working with a more general event management company, they’ll be able to source equipment themselves. Your venue may also have some equipment available for use, most commonly lighting, PAs and microphones. However, if you’re taking on the burden of event management yourself, you’ll need to put together your own specific checklist. Even if you’re working with an event company, having a checklist in place enables you to keep track of the various equipment and the costs associated with it.


Event equipment hire checklist:

  • Audiovisual equipment and lighting: microphones, cables, screens, PA system, laptops, broadband connection, projectors, DVD players, cameras. Lighting, lighting frames, pyrotechnics, glitter balls, backdrops.

  • Staging and structures: stage, stage steps and ramps, platforms, tents (+ballast), scaffolding.

  • Safety: cable covers, ropes, barriers, queuing systems, fire safety equipment (extinguishers, fire blankets).

  • Health + sanitation: First aid kits/points, baby changing, storage, bins, skips, portable toilets, hand washing facilities, showers.

  • Power: cables, generators, fuel.

  • Vehicles: crane, forklifts, cherry picker, trucks, vans, cars, bikes. Car park/bike storage signage, temporary road signs.

  • Coverings: canopies, shelters etc. for audience, equipment in case of rain.

  • For the site office: office equipment (PC, printer, admin supplies), furniture, lighting, basic kitchen facilities etc.

  • Seating: for the audience, catering benches/tables, backstage area.

  • Ground cover: trackway, sand, bark chips, gravel, hard core etc.

  • Site/stage dressing: decorative features, plants, props, covers, fabric.

  • Event specific equipment: specialist timers, lights, access points, gear, safety measures etc.

  • Signs: directions to toilets, first aid points, exits, fire exits, areas of seating, the stage.


Equipment placement

You’ll also need to think about how, when, and where this equipment will be placed. Ideally you want to give your audience an unbroken view of the event’s stage(s), but also ensure that everything can run smoothly and safely. Make sure all the equipment is secured properly, particularly if it’s an event held outdoors. Place bins in visible locations.


R&B Group have a huge stock of event equipment available for hire, either as part of our event production packages or as a standalone package. We’re constantly updating our audiovisual equipment to meet our clients’ demands for brand new event technology. We also offer reduced hire rates if you want to hire equipment for a lengthy amount of time, we can instantly check the availability of the equipment you need, and will deliver anywhere in the UK! Contact us now if you’d like to work with us on your event in future.