80% of guests leave events hungry

Hungrey Events GuestsA recent survey carried out by an event caterer and the science museum has found that 80 per cent of guests have left events feeling hungry, suggesting that not enough food is offered at events. The survey was conducted as part of a project to determine what makes the perfect event, but has unsurfaced something that event organisers need to consider in the future.


While many have complained that events they have been to in the past did not provide enough food for them, 30 per cent admitted that they have left events drunk and that they are more than happy with quantity and range of drinks on offer. With the pressure of sticking to a strict budget it is easy to overlook the food or to cut it out completely, prioritising entertainment or staging, but perhaps more money should be spent on food and less on drink. 64 per cent of participants said that they enjoy and prefer canapes at an event, and when asked about the food they would be prefer at a sit-down meal, the majority agreed that new and exciting food would be better.


When organising your event, there’s always a lot to think about and it can be easy to forget the little things, but at the R&B Group you can find a lot of what you need in one place. Whether you need equipment, help with video production or would just like to seek the advice of an expert project manager who can relieve you of some of the responsibility, we can help. All you need to do is concentrate on the food!