Sochi’s Winter Olympics begin with spectacular opening ceremony

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Opening CeremonyAlthough not quite as much of a global phenomenon as the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics are still of great interest to many of us – especially event production companies such as R&B Group. Olympic opening ceremonies are always incredible to witness – it’s a chance for the host country to show off and create an unashamedly loud celebration of its past, present and hopes for the future. While Sochi’s opening ceremony was rather overshadowed (in the West, at least) by political and social controversy, the event itself was undoubtedly spectacular.


The Sochi Olympics went well over budget, with the £30 billion spent on the sixteen-week event totalling more than the budgets for the previous Winter Olympic games put together – and more than three times the budget for London 2012. Although we don’t know how much of the budget was allocated to the opening ceremony, we’d bet that it’s more than the £27 million that London’s opening ceremony enjoyed.


Sochi’s ceremony featured vast firework displays, stunning ballet performances lit by hundreds of lights, and an impressively-produced VT that ran through the Russian alphabet – with each letter associated with a famous Russian or Russian invention. The event production was top notch – except perhaps for one embarrassing mistake that social media was quick to leap upon. During an early section of the show in which five snowflakes turned into the Olympic rings, the fifth snowflake got stuck. Instead of triggering another spectacular firework display, the rings were quickly and quietly removed and the ceremony continued.


This technical blunder is the stuff of nightmares for event producers, particularly when advanced event technologies are employed in such complex, high profile events. It shows that no amount of preparation can guarantee a flawless, technically complex event. However, here at the R&B Group, we think that our expertise in new and upcoming event technology is unmatched by any of our competitors. Take a look at some of the projection mapping work we’ve done and speak to us if you think it would look great at your event!