UK event industry ready for busy 2014

Events-2014The latest Salary Survey for Event Magazine has found that the event industry is going from strength-to-strength in the early months of 2014.

In the survey of over 1,350 event professionals, more than nine out of ten respondents stated that they expected their workforce to stay the same or increase in size over the next twelve months.


Event professionals were also asked how they went about looking for new jobs. 26.7% went with recruitment consultants, compared with the 26% who used word of mouth and the 8% who relied on business networking site LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter were barely used as a means of searching for new roles.


The role of social media in event marketing was also examined. Social media use had increased in 2013, compared with 2011 numbers. However, of the assessed event industry professionals, only 21% said they had an advanced social media promotion strategy in place (compared with 17% in 2011). 57% of respondents told the survey that they had a basic social media strategy, up 3% on the 2011 figures.


The Salary Survey also found that money is no longer the main motivating factor for event professionals. Instead, the reason event professionals enjoy working in the industry is because of the wide variety of events they’re able to get involved with.


R&B Group have an exciting 2014 in store – we kicked it off by working with Nissan for the Qashqai launch event in Sunderland, and there’s plenty more to come! Take a look at some of the events we’ve produced in the past, or speak to us now to discuss options for your own event this year.