Should tailgating have been banned at the Super Bowl?

Tailgating Super BowlAs the Super Bowl continues to grow in popularity here in the UK, we can’t help but find ourselves impressed by the efforts the organisers go to make the event such a success.

From performances from global superstars to exclusive advert premiers – and of course the game itself – the event usually continues trending on Twitter throughout the following week. However, this year a large number of fans were left disappointed.


It is hardly surprising that since 9/11 the Department of Homeland Security has cracked down on the security of large sporting events such as the Super Bowl, but due to their attempts to minimise the risk of an incident, they have recently banned tailgating. Tailgating is a popular American sports tradition where fans enjoy a party in the car park prior to a game, with kegs of beer and homemade food served from the open tailgates of cars and trucks. Unfortunately, this year there were only 13,000 parking spaces made available to the 83,000 attendees – each priced at $150 – and there were a number of rules for those able to fork out on such privileges to follow.

Whereas taking along BBQs, foldable chairs and beer kegs used to be the norm, this year, fans were told that grills were banned and that all eating and drinking had to be done whilst sitting in the car. Fans felt that the lack of a proper tailgate party ruined the atmosphere of the game and many took to Twitter to complain. They complained that they missed the smell of burgers and beer in the air as well as the communal nature of a tailgate party, with many suggesting that the ban had spoiled the day.

While it is necessary to make sure that you have appropriate security measures in place at your event, it is important that such precautions do not affect the success of the event itself. At the R&B Group we can provide fantastic project management to ensure that not only is your event a success, but that it’s safe and secure too. For further information on the services we can offer, contact a member of the team or explore our website today.