Five fantastic event venue ideas

Concert Hall - Fantastic VenuesMeticulous planning mated with innovative ideas can help to make any event stand out from the crowd. Naturally, it’s important to organise schedules, hosts and itineraries, speakers, guests and equipment, but arguably the most important aspect of event management is the venue itself. Where should you hold your conference or ceremony in order to ensure that it goes off with a bang? We’ve compiled five event venue ideas for your perusal below…

Halls and function rooms

Often the most popular choices for small-to-medium sized events, halls and function rooms are ubiquitous across the country and can be found anywhere from hotels to pubs, town halls to working men’s clubs. Such venues will provide you with the space you need at a reasonable price, while useful items such as chairs and tables will usually be on hand for your convenience. However, there’s no guarantee that equipment such as lighting, sound systems or projectors will be provided by the venue, so you may need to consider equipment hire ahead of time.

Theatres and concert halls

For larger events featuring more guests or more detailed running orders, theatres and concert halls will always come in handy. These spaces are designed to seat large numbers of people and will boast such perks as a stage, lecterns, in-house sound systems, lighting and comfortable seating, but renting such a space for the evening can prove costly. Organisation is vital if you’re looking to book a theatre or a concert hall for your event – will the space be available during the time you need it?

The open air

Obtaining an event venue with a roof over your head is a good way to account for the vagaries of the British weather, but sometimes it’s more rewarding and effective to switch your event to the outside world. Bandstands, open-air stages or even fields, parks and meadows may prove ideal for your event, but naturally there’s a lot to plan in advance if you choose to go down this route. Might it rain on the day? Do you need , or a stage to talk from? Where will your guests sit, and what will they eat? All of these factors need to be taken into consideration for an open-air event.

Marquees and tents

Of course, venturing outside doesn’t necessarily mean that your event is at the mercy of the elements. Holding your event in a marquee or large tent will help to counteract the worst effects of the weather while providing you with all of the benefits of holding an event in the out-of-doors. You might be able to save money by opting for a marquee over an indoor event, but don’t forget about the equipment and other essentials you might need to fulfil your event needs.

…you name it!

While the above four venues represent some of the best options for holding an event here in the UK, the list is by no means an exhaustive one. With the right event management firm to help you out, any location could become an exciting venue for your event. Maybe there is a local castle or country manor that could be set up to suit your needs, or even an urban space that could be

transformed with the help of 3D Projection Mapping or other techniques? Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to organising your event, so if you have big plans this year then don’t hesitate to contact us here at the R&B Group to make those ideas become a reality.