Setting the scene: constructing the perfect event

Stage And Scenery At An EvenWhen constructing an event it is important to have a team you can rely on to help ensure things run smoothly and that it is a complete success. At R&B Group, we boast a team in which each member has an important part to play, offering unique skills and expert knowledge, from graphic design and set building to equipment hire and behind the scenes project management. With such a versatile and experienced team, we are able to help our clients create innovative and memorable events, but how are we able to make one event stand out from another while still ensuring you’re provided with the right platform to support the effective delivery of your message? By creating bespoke stages and custom scenery like no other, of course. Here’s how the process works…

The brief

We won’t just dive right in at the deep end. To save time and money we like to work to a detailed brief designed by you with help from us. So, before we begin injecting innovative ideas, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the type of event you want to hold in detail – what you absolutely need to include, would like to include, and wouldn’t mind including! Once we have a fair idea of the type of message you want to get across and the audience you’ll be entertaining, we’ll make some expert suggestions, recommending state-of-the-art equipment and technology where appropriate, that will help to enhance your event. Once the brief is done, we can get to work!


3D Visuals

After we have settled on a brief the team at R&B Group will create a proposal for your approval. Using the latest computer design software we can provide 3D visuals to help give you an idea of what your event could look like. We will then talk through the proposal and discuss the stage designs and scenery we have envisaged to see if we’re on the same page. You are then able to make any amendments or requests before we get to work building it in our construction workshops.


Personal touches

If you haven’t already thought of a specific theme for your event or if you don’t have a personalised logo, our creative design team would be more than happy to put their heads together to create one for you. Following a theme will make your event all the more memorable and by including a personalised logo your company or brand has more of a chance to be recognised or remembered in the future. Whether you want to project your new logo around the room, centre your event on a certain colour scheme or theme, we can help. The possibilities are endless, but we’re here to help you make all the right decisions.


Getting to work

Once all the plans and designs are finalised, we can begin building and preparing for your event. As part of our comprehensive set design and construction service, we can completely dress your venue, transforming it into the ideal space, create stages and stage backdrops, and build custom scenery to really bring your venue to life. In addition, we can build exhibition stands, bespoke lecterns and just about anything else you require to make your event a huge success and your job as host a whole lot easier! If there’s anything you need or want to change, we’re more than happy to meet your requirements.

The team at R&B Group are passionate about their work, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure each event we help to create is unforgettable for all of the right reasons. If you’re organising a product launch, staff presentation or high-profile ceremony and you need a project manager who will be available to help you around the clock and an entire team ready to build a close working relationship with you during the event preparation process, R&B Group can be of service. For further information on the broad range of services we can provide, contact the team today.