Should you use video production at your event?

Using Video when Event planning and management If you’re putting on a grand event, whether for your business, brand or charity, it’s only natural to want to consider all the available options to ensure you deliver the best show you can for your budget.  Video production lets you record or stream your event to allow others to enjoy it. It widens the reach of your event, both in terms of time and audience. The real question is whether to rely on amateur video production or go all out and get some professional videographers and event production teams in to help. In this article, we outline the benefits that high quality video production can bring to your event and its legacy.

Keeping a record

Having a series of cameras on site at your event means that it’s recorded for future use. What kind of use? If it’s a particularly grand event, you might be able to monetise recordings of it, or you could simply upload the entire thing to your website and embed it using a video upload site such as Vimeo or YouTube.

Edited highlights might be more appropriate for your corporate event or charity fundraiser. Professional video production companies will be able to edit together a highlights reel quickly and efficiently. The result will be of a high standard, and depending on your preferences, could feature additional music and graphics to create whatever effect or atmosphere you desire.

Live streaming

Today’s technology allows you to set up a series of cameras at an event and have it streamed across the internet almost simultaneously. Depending on the plug-in or software you use, you can allow everyone, anywhere in the world, to view your event live; or you can limit it to certain countries, or subscribers to your website. Live streaming is an increasingly powerful way of creating brand engagement. Social media, especially Twitter, allows the world to share their views on your event as they’re viewing it. You can use this online buzz to build-up a reputation or generate sales, depending on where you want to focus your marketing resources. However, be aware that if your event is an extremely exclusive affair, by live streaming it, you’re sending the equivalent of a virtual invite to the entire world’s internet users, which could potentially devalue the event.

For next time

A nicely edited video record of the event is a great marketing tool in itself. If the event is annual, use the video to promote next year’s event. The marketing video will inform potential attendees of the general vibe of the event, and if it looks like everyone’s having a good time, might persuade them to buy a ticket.


Video production and event management companies such as R&B Group are able to tailor their services to your needs and experience in videography. We can help you out with directing, content and scripts if you require it, and promise a quick turnaround on editing and production. We offer many different video production services including 360 degree photography, time lapse recording and on-site editing.