Industry experts predict event technology trends

Event Technology Trends 2014 AppsAs a new year begins, the event industry is looking forward to what the future of event production will bring. It seems the focus is very much on event technology, including the integration of social media and apps with your standard event experience. Projection mapping and video production are also likely to have their place.


Separate articles by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, GenieConnect and contributors to BizBash have all speculated on future event trends. Right at the top of the list appears to be Twitter integration with events. As attendees tweet their responses to the event, this information can be used to enhance the experience as it is taking place. Furthermore, flexible event managers will be able to address concerns as they arise.


Facebook (and general social media) event promotion is also here to stay, with some predictions that event managers will have to become social media marketing experts – ensuring they reach their target market and treat them correctly. Pre and post-show engagement is also becoming more important.


Furthermore, the IAEE say that the non-attendee audience will become more and more important. Events are increasingly being streamed online to allow for further engagement. Video production will be a key part of this.


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