Organising a successful award ceremony: a how-to guide

Awards Ceremony EventAward ceremonies should be thought of as exciting events because they provide you with a chance to watch those whose work you admire receive the appropriate recognition – and besides, there’s always the possibility that you might leave with an award yourself! However, more often than not award ceremonies can drag on unnecessarily, and those who aren’t nominated for an award or who don’t win are left bored and wishing for the event to be over and done with. In order to ensure that the majority of the audience is not left sitting patiently waiting for the night to end, the event organiser must take special care when planning an award ceremony – taking into consideration everyone who wishes to attend rather than the winners exclusively. Take a look at our helpful guide and make your industry award ceremonies more exciting in future!


Shorten the show

The part of the day or evening during which the awards are presented to the winners can often be the most tedious part of the event – particularly for those who haven’t been nominated! In order to avoid boring the audience by presenting award after award, try your best to condense this process down. Rather than presenting awards between courses or after a long dinner when guests might be ready to wind down rather than wake up, why not consider allocating no more than an hour before dinner or the party in which to present the necessary awards. This way you are unlikely to lose the attention of your audience.


Involve the entire audience

While the award ceremony must focus primarily on those being honoured with awards themselves, it is important that you ensure that the ‘non-winners’ enjoy the evening too. Make their evening one to remember from the get-go by creating an exciting atmosphere and making it clear that they are included in the evening and that their attendance is well appreciated. Roll out the red carpet for all guests and ensure that the event photographer captures photos of not only the winners, but also those who witnessed them receive their awards.


Ensure the winners shine

Although it is necessary to engage the whole audience, it is still important that the winners are made to feel special on the night. Consider putting each winner’s name in lights and include a video montage of their achievements, a bio and the glamorous addition of a live camera tracking them as they make their way to the stage. Even if it’s for one night only they should feel like celebrities. You could ensure each winner’s moment is personal to them by playing their choice of music as they go up to the stage to accept their award. This touch would also keep the audience entertained as they get to enjoy a variety of music.


Keep costs low

Just because you’re going to extra lengths to make your award ceremony a fun and memorable event doesn’t mean it needs to cost you the earth. In fact, by including your own music, 3D projections and video footage, it is unlikely that you will then also need to pay out for additional entertainment to keep the audience engaged. This will help you cut costs, making your event exciting for you too!


At the R&B Group we work with organisations nationwide to produce professional, high quality and creative events that audiences enjoy and remember. If you’re keen to make your award ceremony a success this year, get in touch today and let’s get to work!