Record-breaking Pac-Man projection shows potential of projection mapping

The largest playable video game projection in history recently took place to celebrate the launch of a new Pac-Man game, Ghostly Adventures.  

The projection covered 2219 square feet, enabling the Guinness Book of World Records to mark it down as the world’s largest playable video game projection. A specially produced oversized controller, operated by The Gadget Show presenters Rachel Riley and Jason Bradbury, controlled the game.


The projection was mapped onto Millennium Mills on the River Thames. The organisers made use of projection mapping to ensure that the dimensions of the game’s map mirrored the layout of the windows on the building.


The Millennium Mills Pac-Man projection follows a similar project in Sao Paolo, where the side of a skyscraper was transformed into the world’s biggest interactive arcade machine. Members of the public were invited to play giant versions of Tetris and Space Invaders by using their tablets.


These two projects show the potential of projection mapping as a memorable way of catching the attention of the public. Project mapping displays have become an increasingly integral part of celebrations in public spaces.


At R&B Group, as part of our event management and event production services, we utilised projection mapping at the North East Business Awards. It worked, and as a result we picked up two prizes at the AV Awards, including best live event of the year.

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