The five most memorable events of 2013

Looking back on the year that was 2013, a number of special events will stand out as those most likely to live long in the memory. There were music festivals, honours ceremonies and memorable births aplenty in 2013, but what events do you believe were the most significant of the past year? Here at R&B Group we know everything there is to know about event production, so we’ve picked out five of our favourite events from 2013 to summarise the year in style. Do you agree with our annual highlights?

rolling-stones1The Rolling Stones: live in Hyde Park

There are some so-called ‘wrinkly rockers’ who should have been advised to hang up their guitars and skinny jeans decades ago, but The Rolling Stones are a welcome exception. Despite the fact that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards now resemble Spitting Image puppets of themselves, the band has lost none of its energy and dynamism over the years. The ‘50 and Counting’ tour that took in two gigs in London’s Hyde Park during July 2013 was a euphoric best-of set featuring some of the most iconic tracks of the 1960s and beyond. Although ticket prices ranged from £100 to an eye-watering £300, fans were treated to one of the most memorable and spectacular events of the year, and seamless event management meant that everything – from sound, to lighting, to crowd management – all went off without a hitch.

The Birth of Prince George

The Rolling Stones live tour was a marvel of event management, planning and staging, but one of the year’s most memorable events was a more incidental one altogether. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, became the first royal couple to produce a potential heir for almost 30 years in the summer of 2013. While there was no one official event tied to the birth of Prince George the child’s first year was a carousel of media attention and speculation, with the outpouring of public excitement and affection making this event one of the most memorable of 2013.

wembley-finalUEFA Champions League Final

The UEFA Champions League is club football’s most prestigious competition, and UEFA’s flagship event was as spectacular in 2013 as it has ever been. Despite the presence of Real Madrid’s free-scoring Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s mercurial Lionel Messi in the competition, it was two German clubs that made it to the Wembley final in May. Borussia Dortmund versus Bayern Munich was a national grudge match writ large, with the entire world as spectators. Wembley was the perfect venue for this event; UEFA’s event organisation was excellent, while Arjen Robben’s winning goal was a fitting finale for such a hard-fought tournament.

queens-bdayThe Queen’s Birthday Honours

Every year, the Queen’s Birthday Honours list celebrates some of Britain’s greatest men and women, with the formal unveiling of the list coinciding with the visual spectacle of the Trooping of the Colour. In 2013, some true luminaries were honoured in the event, with Tony Robinson – of Blackadder and Time Team fame – and BBC Sport’s Clare Balding amongst those recognised by Her Maj. Who will be honoured in 2014? Time to start implementing those office sweepstakes…

north-east-busines-awardsNorth East Business Awards Grand Final 2013

While some events are memorable because of their cultural or historical significance, others are memorable due to the fact that they’re well-organised, successful and fun. R&B Group had the pleasure of organising the North East Business Awards Grand Final in 2013, and we’re delighted to say that our efforts were recognised by AV Awards 2013. Not only were we awarded with the Best Live Event of the Year Award by the AV organisers, but also the Grand Prix Award as overall winners! While the North East Business Awards Grand Final may have slipped beneath your radar, it will live long in our memories as one of the most memorable events of 2013, particularly as it was given greater recognition in the AV Awards than even the Olympics opening ceremony…

The above are our choices for the most memorable events of 2013, but this year provides your company with a chance to make an impact of your own. If you’d like to employ our award-winning skills and earn a place among 2014’s most memorable events, take a look at our event production services or contact us to find out more.