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All the gear and loads of ideas

From a single mic to a full bells and whistles assembly of kit, there’s little we can’t supply when it comes to AV equipment hire.

Our warehouse is stocked with probably the most extensive range of top quality gear in the north east.

But we’ve got more than just great kit: we’ve got a team of experts on hand, dedicated to helping you work out exactly what you need to make your vision come to life.

All the sound and vision kit you’ve heard of - and some you haven’t

Audio visual hire can be a complex beast, whether you’re staging a one-off meeting, a week-long event or you’re looking for a longer term solution. That’s why we pride ourselves on quality and reliability.

Our kit list reads like an up-to-the-minute inventory of all the gear you might need, from straightforward projectors and screens, lecterns, microphones, radio mics and speakers to more tech-heavy kit such as intelligent lighting and voting pads.

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Tech wizardry with the human touch

OK, some of our customers are clued-up AV experts and already know what they want, right down to the last cable. If this is you, step right up.

But if you don’t know what you need - you just know what you need it to do - that’s great too.

Our team has AV expertise running through their veins and they love a client who comes along with an idea and an open mind.

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Technology you can trust - and people you like

We work with clients from a rainbow of sectors, including hotels, events organisers and corporates across the spectrum. So we know you don’t want us banging on in AV jargon. You just want great customer service and equipment that does what you want it to do.

As with all our services, we work to a straightforward and transparent process. We’ll chat about what you need and then confirm it all in writing, with detailed quotes supplied upfront.

If you need the gear delivering, we can do that. And if it’s easier for you, we’ll pick it up afterwards too. We’ll show up when we say we’re coming and we understand that you expect professionalism from everybody involved in your event, at all times.

Here to help

Our experts are on hand to help get what you need

  • Bryan Skipsey

    head of hire
    07753 891 604

    As head of hire, Bryan is in charge of our dry hire service, any and all kit hire outside of the business goes through him, so if you need a projector for a day or two or a sound desk for a week, he’s your guy.
    Not only will he sort this out, but as he also doubles up as our operations manager, he’ll send someone to come and install it if you need that too.

    Outside of work, Bryan is a beer drinking, curry munching, family man, and partial to a bout of inflatable sumo wrestling… but the less said about that the better.    

  • Michael Slaymaker

    warehouse supervisor
    07588 348 372 Read my profile

    Michael Slaymaker

    warehouse supervisor
    07588 348 372

    Michael, or “Slay” as he’s more affectionately known, is our warehouse supervisor. His main job aspect is to ensure that all jobs whether big or small are out the door on time, to make sure all of the equipment is logged on the system and our vehicles are maintained and cleaned regularly.

    Outside of work he enjoys weekends away on his motorbike up at his caravan in Northumberland, keeping fit at the gym and kicking back with a movie and a home made pizza.

  • Wayne Swaddle

    warehouse technician
    07817 697 075 Read my profile

    Wayne Swaddle

    warehouse technician
    07817 697 075

    As a warehouse technician, Wayne’s duties are based solely in our warehouses. He works alongside Slay to make sure all jobs are prepped and loaded, ready for delivery. Wayne is without a doubt the biggest wind up merchant in the business despite this you’d struggle to find someone who doesn’t get on with him.

    In his free time, he loves nothing more than being out on his various bikes either popping tailwhips at the skate park or taking on some downhill trails on his mountain bikes. 

  • Chris Tolley

    technical services co-ordinator
    07899 874 898 Read my profile

    Chris Tolley

    technical services co-ordinator
    07899 874 898

    Chris is our technical services co-ordinator and is responsible for maintaining and repairing our equipment, testing new configurations, operating events and overseeing installs. Over the years Chris has stacked up a huge amount of experience across a wide range of careers from hotelier and publican to AV technician and general dogsbody.

    In his spare time, Chris can usually be found on one of his motorbikes touring around the UK or transporting blood and medical supplies for Northumbria Blood Bikes.

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