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We’re the R&B Group

We could blind you with stats about how many miles of cable we use in a year. We could dazzle with tech-speak about circuit boards or LEDs or decibels.

But we know that when it comes to AV, what really matters is the smiles on the faces of our clients - and our clients’ clients.

We’re all about the wow

We always blend cutting-edge techniques with years of experience. We always put professionalism and customer service at the heart of every project.

The R&B edge

We’ve been up and running since 1991, developing the business over the years into the four interlocking strands we run today.

We’re still best known for our boundary-smashing event production but branching out into equipment hire, video production and installation means that today, we can really provide a 360 degree service to our customers.

And we care about all those customers, from someone wanting to hire a projector to headline hero events such as the NECC 200th birthday dinner, the launch of the Nissan Qashqai, and Sunderland’s magical Christmas lighting.

Working with R&B makes event management so much easier - they take care of everything, enabling me to focus on guests and sponsors. They are incredibly good at what they do - from the smallest stage detail and music selection to announcements, projections and incredible lighting displays. I do not work with any other company I can trust as much as R&B Group.
- J.B, awards manager, Newsquest

Beating the best

We’ve scooped a few awards in our time, including winning live event of the year at London’s AV Awards for our staging of the North East Business Awards Grand Final, at Hardwick Hall, near Sedgefield. In fact, we also took home the overall accolade of the evening - the Grand Prix - beating off the toughest imaginable competition, including the Olympic Games.

We won the main prize for our use of projection mapping to bring the entire set to life, creating the biggest ‘wow’ ever seen at the event. The judges decided our entry showed most evidence of industry leadership and market development, along with technical and creative innovation.


The team that AVs together, stays together

We’ve been in the business long enough to assemble a crack team, covering the full range of skills, from project managers to specialist technicians, department ninjas and razor-sharp organisers, all supported by two directors.

To a man and woman, we’re committed to our upfront pledge of providing top quality for a decent price. We plan down to the last detail but if you want to see a team really pull together, just peep behind the scenes at one of our major live events.

As projects unfold, we continue to keep the client’s needs front and centre. Trust is massive and we will never forget that.

Looking into the light

We wouldn’t have survived some tough economic times without vision. And for the next stage in the R&B journey, we want to grow and strengthen our business, doing more of what we do, for more people, in more places.

Technology brings thrilling new developments and we love embracing great innovation, for the amazing effects it brings our clients - and our clients’ clients. Projection mapping - which uses computer wizardry to project images onto anything from on-stage objects to huge buildings - is one of our top tips to become even more weird and wonderful in the future.

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A culture of celebration

But as well as looking forward, we make a point of celebrating current achievements as often as we can. Our work can be very seasonal, so we often work hard - and then it’s our turn to let our hair down.

Day to day, the R&B offices are full of smiling faces. We’re committed to a policy of promoting from within, moving our team upwards until they get to a comfy position where they can relax into their role.

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Event Production

  • Richard Goodaire

    head of projects
    07767 603 637

    Richard has been with us for over 20 years and has worked his way up from the warehouse all the way to managing the projects team. His role means he has his fingers on the pulse of all of the projects that come through the R&B doors.

    Richard enjoys a challenge and is constantly striving to come up with new and creative ways to add to his client’s events.

    In his spare time, Richard is a keen sports fan and petrol head, following a multitude of motorsports and spending weekends as a freelance cameraman covering a range of sports across the country.

  • Richard Narcross

    project manager
    07831 868 711

    Richard was the R in R&B and is one of the original project managers in the business. He has decades of experience under his belt and has a string of regular repeat clients including Nissan and Education Live Ltd.

    Richard is a keen photographer in his down time and enjoys getting out and about snapping what he can with his camera.    

  • Mick Storrie

    project manager
    07834 542 523

    As one of our project managers, Mick has a wealth of experience in planning and pre-production of events, installation and operation and de-rigging. With many repeat clients asking for Mick by name he is proof of his own creativity and capability in the events industry.
    Prior to joining R&B, Mick was a touring guitarist with several metal bands and still enjoys listening to loud noises when he’s not busy making them.

  • John Robinson

    project manager
    07715 207 722

    John is another R&B success story, moving up from warehouse to technician and now to project manager. With eight years under his belt at R&B he’s gained a reputation as a talented lighting and sound engineer throughout our repeat clients.

    When John started with R&B he was a shy lad and unassuming; none of us are really sure what happened but these days John would describe himself as an ambitious narcissist, with astounding looks and god like physique… we’ll let you make your own mind up on that.


  • Barry Fox

    operations director
    07770 488 648 Read my profile

    Barry Fox

    operations director
    07770 488 648

    Barry is the B in R & B Group and having built the business across three decades has a wealth of experience and a long list of happy, satisfied clients. He currently resides as our Operations Director and is in charge of much of the day-to-day running of the business but you’ll also find him supporting the projects team by pitching in on installations and operating shows.

    On the rare occasion Barry isn’t grafting, he enjoys cooking… and eating, checking out the latest gadgets and spending time with his granddaughters.

  • Kate Lambert

    PM support
    07500 966 343

    Kate is our PM support and basically covers all of our staff bookings… if we need a hotel in Birmingham, see Kate… a hire car for a trip to Nottingham, Kate’s on it.

    In her spare time Kate enjoys the great outdoors, some slap up grub with her family and a tipple or two, which may go someway to explaining how Bryan managed to knock out her two front teeth during a bout of inflatable sumo wrestling.

  • Bryan Skipsey

    head of hire
    07753 891 604

    As head of hire, Bryan is in charge of our dry hire service, any and all kit hire outside of the business goes through him, so if you need a projector for a day or two or a sound desk for a week, he’s your guy.
    Not only will he sort this out, but as he also doubles up as our operations manager, he’ll send someone to come and install it if you need that too.

    Outside of work, Bryan is a beer drinking, curry munching, family man, and partial to a bout of inflatable sumo wrestling… but the less said about that the better.    

  • Chris Tolley

    technical services co-ordinator
    07899 874 898 Read my profile

    Chris Tolley

    technical services co-ordinator
    07899 874 898

    Chris is our technical services co-ordinator and is responsible for maintaining and repairing our equipment, testing new configurations, operating events and overseeing installs. Over the years Chris has stacked up a huge amount of experience across a wide range of careers from hotelier and publican to AV technician and general dogsbody.

    In his spare time, Chris can usually be found on one of his motorbikes touring around the UK or transporting blood and medical supplies for Northumbria Blood Bikes.

  • Michael Lambert

    07500 966 343

    Michael is usually on the road driving trucks to and from events; when he’s not behind the wheel you’ll find him installing on our events, set building or operating shows as a camera op.

    His experience prior to his career at R&B has been varied, ranging from panel beating to lecturing.

    Much like his better half, Michael enjoys a drink and if he’s not in the kitchen or the pub, he’s usually at the cinema taking advantage of his cinema card.

  • Shaun Lindsley

    0191 276 3999

    Shaun is the newest recruit to the  R&B team, having joined us at the beginning of 2018.

    As a technician he is responsible for operating sound and vision on our events and assisting the warehouse team with show prep. Having had several years experience with live events, he has the knowledge to operate on shows of any size. We look forward to seeing his progress as he spends more time with us.

    With the addition of Shaun and his guitar shredding skills, we probably have enough musicians to start a band at this point. 

  • Michael Slaymaker

    warehouse supervisor
    07588 348 372 Read my profile

    Michael Slaymaker

    warehouse supervisor
    07588 348 372

    Michael, or “Slay” as he’s more affectionately known, is our warehouse supervisor. His main job aspect is to ensure that all jobs whether big or small are out the door on time, to make sure all of the equipment is logged on the system and our vehicles are maintained and cleaned regularly.

    Outside of work he enjoys weekends away on his motorbike up at his caravan in Northumberland, keeping fit at the gym and kicking back with a movie and a home made pizza.

  • Wayne Swaddle

    warehouse technician
    07817 697 075 Read my profile

    Wayne Swaddle

    warehouse technician
    07817 697 075

    As a warehouse technician, Wayne’s duties are based solely in our warehouses. He works alongside Slay to make sure all jobs are prepped and loaded, ready for delivery. Wayne is without a doubt the biggest wind up merchant in the business despite this you’d struggle to find someone who doesn’t get on with him.

    In his free time, he loves nothing more than being out on his various bikes either popping tailwhips at the skate park or taking on some downhill trails on his mountain bikes. 

  • Kevin Scott

    senior workshop technician
    07877 304 283 Read my profile

    Kevin Scott

    senior workshop technician
    07877 304 283

    As senior workshop technician, Kevin is in charge of constructing our custom sets and assisting on site assembly. He has a keen eye for detail and the expertise to build and piece together some truly complex sets to give an extra wow factor to our events.

    Kevin is another of our musical lot and spends much of his free time touring the North East as a drummer in several bands.

  • Walter James

    workshop technician
    07954 580 533 Read my profile

    Walter James

    workshop technician
    07954 580 533

    Need a stage set covering to a bespoke finish? Walter is your man! He is a wizard with a staple gun in one hand and the set in the other, producing the finish every event needs. Walter’s dulcet tones can occassionally be heard on certain events where he may not be there but plays the voice of god!

Video production & graphics

  • Glyn Towers

    head of video production
    07734 192 904 Read my profile

    Glyn Towers

    head of video production
    07734 192 904

    Glyn is head of video production and has been with R&B for 16 years. He has shot and edited thousands of videos over his career and continues to pull in repeat business from faithful clients.

    He has worked on projects ranging from television adverts to health and safety videos.

    Glyn is without a doubt the most accident prone person you will ever meet but when he’s not losing appendages or injuring himself, you can find him out and about with his family or buying at auctions to add to his vintage games console collection.

  • Chris Pearson

    video production technician
    07757 211 931 Read my profile

    Chris Pearson

    video production technician
    07757 211 931

    Chris has been shooting video for almost half his life. Starting with skate videos and live bands at the tender age of 15, in his 30’s he now makes up one half of our Video Production department.

    Over the course of his career, Chris has worked on feature films, documentaries and music videos, even working with NASA.

    In his spare time Chris, is an avid drinker of ale, player of games, watcher of movies, and is partial to inserting very loud and aggressive music into his earholes.

    The man’s knowledge of film is neigh on encyclopaedic, go on, ask him anything.

  • Chris McQuillan

    animation and motion graphics editor
    07747 688 825 Read my profile

    Chris McQuillan

    animation and motion graphics editor
    07747 688 825

    As our lead animator Chris is the guy behind our on screen magic. Also a lecturer at Sunderland Uni, Chris is new to the team but has worked on a freelance basis with R&B over the last few years. His animation skills add a wow factor to everything he produces and he certainly loves a challenge.

    Outside of his role at R&B he juggles his lecturing duties with his fatherly duties and any free time after that we’re pretty sure is reserved for hibernation.

  • Kevin Geraghty-Shewan

    presentation graphics designer
    07580 858 167 Read my profile

    Kevin Geraghty-Shewan

    presentation graphics designer
    07580 858 167

    Kevin is our very own graphics wizard, he designs and assembles the keynotes for our events and supports our video production department by attending shoots and operating camera on top of altering animation projects when needed.

    Kevin is very much a man of the countryside and spends many hours out and about with his family and his dog in the wilderness even making trips down to Stonehenge for winter and summer solstice festivals.

Finance Team

  • Sandra Sanson

    finance and administration controller
    0191 276 3999 Read my profile

    Sandra Sanson

    finance and administration controller
    0191 276 3999

    Sandra is our finance & administration controller and basically controls all of the money coming in and going out of the business… from invoices to wages, our Sandra has it covered.

    Outside of work Sandra enjoys spending time with her daughter and recently has been helping her raise money for various charities. 

Business Development

  • Kevin Floyd

    head of client services
    07805 434 095 Read my profile

    Kevin Floyd

    head of client services
    07805 434 095

    Kevin is our head of client services; he deals with everything from business development and marketing to post event client care. Kevin will make sure that absolutely all your questions are answered and your event needs are met.
    Kevin is a big music buff and used to spend his days performing as a singer, even singing at the Royal Albert Hall. These days he sticks to watching live bands on the North-East pub circuit.

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